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Unscented Moisturizing Lotion.

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During swimming in a swimming pool, a SPA or your daily bath, the skin is exposed to a pH different from its natural pH and it loses part of its natural hydration. This soothing pH-balanced lotion, containing hyaluronic acid, shea butter and peptides, is specially designed for deep hydration.

Its moisturizing effect nourishes your skin and replenishes the skin's moisture barrier. You will feel your skin soft and silky from the first application.


Cleanse your skin with the neutral pH shower gel to remove chemical residues from pool water, SPA or your bath. Then generously apply the moisturizing lotion all over the body and rub in. Repeat as needed to replenish the skin's moisture barrier. Continued use improves skin hydration and provides daily comfort.

- its moisturizing effect nourishes your skin
- replenishes the skin's moisture barrier
- you will feel your skin supple and silky
- without greasy film


Avoid contact with eyes, if necessary rinse thoroughly with water.