Swimming damages the skin, what to do?

Exposure to bathing water has been clearly shown to dehydrate the skin by breaking down the skin's natural moisture barrier. This breaking of the hydration barrier allows cercariae (parasites from aquatic birds in lakes and rivers) and even bacteria to enter the superficial layer of the skin. Many cases of adverse reactions are reported each year. As for the clean waters of swimming pools and spas, the chemical products derived from chlorine, bromine, lithium or others, thanks to which the water remains clean, stick to the skin.

Based on scientific and medical studies and reports, Clinic-SM, a Quebec company, has developed a simple preventive treatment. Since chemical residues are soluble in water at pH 7 (neutral pH), scientific studies agree that they must be removed with a neutral pH shower gel to re-solubilize them and eliminate them from the skin. . The same is true with parasites present in natural waters. Then the skin's moisture barrier must be repaired by applying a moisturizing lotion with a pH balanced to that of the skin's pH between 5 and 6. The use of products with the appropriate pH is of primary importance to rebalance the skin.

Clinic-SM's shower gel has been specially formulated with a neutral pH to dislodge chemical residues and unwanted bacteria on the skin of bathers.

Clinic-SM's pH-balanced lotion not only moisturizes the skin, but contains the concentration of hyaluronic acid recommended in scientific reports. Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the skin. It fills the spaces between the cells and has an extremely important moisturizing power. The lotion also contains peptides, small molecules from which the body builds proteins and collagen. Peptides are widely used in cosmetology, particularly in anti-aging creams.

The neutral pH shower gel and pH balanced moisturizing lotion treatment is a product set made in Quebec. It was developed by a pharmacist and a massage therapist from Quebec. This treatment, based on medical and scientific facts and recommendations, has proven its worth and is greatly appreciated by people who are particularly sensitive to the consequences of exposure to bathing or swimming water.

Good bathing or swimming, good care.

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